Abner The Gay-Hater Won’t Stop Calling Our Voicemail, And The Messages Are Getting Weirder Every Day.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

So it probably goes without saying that we get a lot of weirdos contacting us through various channels – whether it’s on our social media platforms, over email, or over voicemail, etc.

A few days ago, a guy who I’ll call Abner (because it’s as close to his actual name as I’m going to reveal in this post without actually revealing it), started leaving us these weird, long messages on our voicemail. Apparently, he discovered our website only recently, and has been obsessed with looking at older posts related to Milo Yiannopoulos, and to the Orlando shooter, and to Israel. I think he’s left around 10 messages total, and I promptly deleted the first several because I figured he’d grow tired of leaving them.

He hasn’t.

The thing about this particular weirdo is that he leaves his full name and phone number on our voicemail in every message, and genuinely thinks we’ll call him back.

Spoiler alert. We won’t, because we have this personal rule where, to the extent possible, we try to avoid talking directly to lunatics. It’s why, if you’re someone who tweets at us, and I notice that you have the word “Resist” in your bio, I’m gonna automatically block you. I have zero interest in what resisters have to say, because they are all pretty much certifiable.

Anyway, in almost every single message, Abner has said that he wants to call us the “Right Chicks” instead of Chicks on the Right, but then always changes his mind and says that we should rename ourselves Capitulating Chicks or Compromising Chicks or Corrupt Chicks. In EVERY MESSAGE, you guys, he repeats this, along with his phone number. The reason we are capitulating, compromising, corrupt chicks is because we apparently make excuses for homosexuals and trans people. The reason Abner believes this is because he thinks without exception, all gay men and all trans people are pedophiles.

I’m not making this up.

Each message is at least 3 minutes long, and in each one, Abner talks about how he’s sick of hearing about victims of the Holocaust, because if any of them were gay or trans, or if they basically were not to Abner’s morality standards, Hitler was right to kill them.

Abner is not religious, as he’s pointed out several times, but he often references the Bible to make his case, which just makes him sound even crazier.

Abner says he’s not part of either political party, and he is of Indian descent (and his last name certainly reflects that).

Anyway, now you know about Abner. The reason I’m sharing this all with you is because I’m hoping that since Abner has recently decided to be obsessed with our site (and our show – he said in one of his messages today that he listened and didn’t find it interesting at all -ha!), that he’ll see this post, realize that we have absolutely no intention of ever calling him ever, and STOP FREAKING CALLING.

You guys – just listen to this crazy. My favorite is how he calls Milo Yiannopoulos by his birth name (Milo Hanrahan), and the weird way he pronounces Orlando (Or-LAHNDO). He does that in EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE. Without exception, in each message he’s talked about Milo Hanrahan Yiannopoulos and Orlahndo.

He literally said if you see a gay man dying in the street, you should LET HIM DIE. He says all trans people should commit suicide. He says Hitler was right to kill gays. He says if there were a way to tell an unborn baby was gonna be gay, it should be aborted.

In short, HOLY CRAP THIS GUY IS A NUTCASE of the highest order.

When people of this magnitude of weirdness contact us, I like to know where they are and do a little research on them. This dude has posted comments on other websites going back several years that are every bit as obsessive about gay and trans people as his voicemails are today. Apparently he has been on some sort of bizarre crusade and can think of little else.


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