Ben Carson Totally Law-Shamed A Democrat Congresswoman, And There Is Absolute Mayhem At The Border

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Listened to Fox and Friends on my way in this morning, and became TOTALLY ENRAGED by the lack of action on the part of Congress on the border issue.

We’re being invaded, y’all. There’s really no other way to talk about what’s happening on the southern border, except to say that we’re being invaded by illness-ridden, crime-infested groups of people who will bring nothing to our country except an enormous expense. Call me racist all you want. I have zero craps to give.

Just watch from the 1.16 minute mark through the 3.30 minute mark. Brian Kilmeade’s exasperation? SO ME.

And then check out Ben Carson schooling Democrat Carolyn Maloney on why American citizens are SUPPOSED to come first, and why her question is completely hypocritical from the 3.39 minute mark through the 5.52 mark.

WHY IS THIS SO FREAKING HARD for Democrats to understand?

And my rage was only beginning. Because check out the 12.55 mark for a story about two illegal immigrants and MS13 members who murdered a 14 year old girl, were in police custody, but then released because of sanctuary city policies. ICE is looking for them now, but police HAD THEM, you guys. They just couldn’t contact police because of stupid, idiotic, Democrat-inspired sanctuary city policies.

DEMOCRATS ARE DESTROYING our country. Border Patrol folks are gonna start quitting because of the lack of resources and support, and then what? We effectively have open borders, AND we’re on the hook for the bill for all of these illegals, while our own citizens are homeless and on the streets. And as Ben Carson explained, our own citizens are on freaking WAITING LISTS to secure housing currently being occupied by illegals. WHAT IN THE F*CK.

But here’s a little silver lining for you – this segment made me feel better because this guy is just so freaking delightful – check out the 17.25 minute mark to see the guy who attended a Trump rally wearing a wall suit. He’s DARLING.

Anyway, I wanted to leave you with something positive since I was raging so hard for most of this post. 🙂