The Chicks Discuss Butitititigege’s Town Hall, Dragons, and An Action Hero Drop Kick


If you missed today’s Facebook Live, you missed the fact that I had a severe case of the Mondays (y’all…menopausal insomnia is REAL OMG), Butututututugegegegegege had a townhall on Fox (and Wallace has a man-crush), Game of Thrones is no longer, and Ahhhhnold got kicked.

Looks like all you GOT-folks have to find another way to fulfill your dragon-sex fetish. I’m thinking there’s something on the dark web for ya. As for Ahhhhhnold, I would’ve totally pressed charges. I feel like this sets a standard he doesn’t want to set. But hats off to his 71-year old badassery? Or something?

Anywho. Happy Monday, y’all.