Mayor Pete’s Town Hall And The Game Of Thrones Finale

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I know it doesn’t seem like those two things are related, and you’re totally right, but they are the two things on my mind this morning, so whaddyagonnado.

Did y’all watch the Mayor Pete with Chris Wallace town hall last night? I CANNOT GET OVER how much he looks like Alyson Hannigan. Like – any second I’m expecting him to whip out a flute and start talking about this one time at band camp. I know Trump prefers the Alfred E. Neuman reference, and I see that too, but not as much as band camp girl.

Anyway, clearly these Democrat candidates are only agreeing to come on Fox News if they’re allowed to pack the audience with mindless sheep who hang on their every word. Those clowns last night gave Pete a standing ovation. GAWD.

One of the things I’ve noticed about Mayor Pete is that he has palpable disdain for his own state. There’s never a time he talks about being from Indiana without it being a reference to how backwards he thinks it is here. If he’s not slamming Mike Pence for absolutely no reason and with no provocation, he’s making snide comments about how he managed to be his gay self and get elected even in Indiana. There’s always an air of condescension and contempt for his home state, not to mention the fact that he believes the electoral college should be eliminated, which would effectively dismiss the opinions of everyone IN his home state.

He might have Alyson Hannigan’s goofy no-top-lip smile and easy charm, but he’s an elitist through and through.

His cop-out answer when Chris Wallace asked him how far into a pregnancy abortion is acceptable? “I trust the woman to make that decision,” he said.

In other words, a chick wants to get rid of an unwanted baby a couple days before birth? Fine by him. After all, he says, late term abortions only account for around 1% of all abortions, so like – why are we even discussing them? OH I DON’T KNOW, PETE – how about because that equates to around 6000 babies a year?

Pete wants to raise taxes and thinks that Trump’s presidency is a “hostile takeover of the GOP.” He said that, y’all. For real. Who cares that Trump won the election based on the 60 million + votes of Americans who wanted him in the White House? Nope – Trump took over the GOP, all hostile-like.

Give me a break.

Anyway, toward the end of the town hall, Chris Wallace asked Pete if he’d be watching Game of Thrones, and he answered affirmatively. I don’t watch, but I’m always in the room when Mr. Mock watches it, so I hum along with the opening theme song (which I LOVE), and then sort of accidentally catch a dragon or a naked chick in my peripheral view now and then. I looked up last night when (SPOILER ALERT I GUESS?) some dude named John stabbed that braided blonde dragon chick while he was making out with her. And then I watched her dragon nudge her dead body and it was kinda sad because those dragons are like dogs. And then the dragon picked her up in his giant dragon claw and carried her away to who knows where.

That’s the extent of what I saw of the finale. But today, I’m seeing all kinds of reaction – most of it sadness that the series is over, some of it total disappointment with the writing of the ending, and a bunch of it completely making fun of the fact that even after the Starbucks cup debacle, the editors left a water bottle in one scene last night:

I mean, COME ON.

Anyway, I’m pleased to tell you that my power is back on after not being on for around 32 hours Thursday/Friday, so all is right with the world.