This Thread on the ‘Dirty-Ops Guy for the FBI Stefan Halper’ and the WSJ is a Must Read

Ashley (Kimber)

I try not to be an alarmist – I don’t jump on to “OMG THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD” bandwagons all that quickly.

I do, however, increasingly feel that the American media is maliciously misleading the American people in truly nefarious ways… and I fear that the government itself is more on in on it than we could even wrap our heads around.

As the misinformation being pushed by the media with a dark agenda continues to be uncovered, I have to ask… what do we actually know? And what has been hidden from us?

This thread is a MUST READ, in my opinion. It sheds so much light on how truly twisted things are.


The American media can ruin LIVES to push a false narrative. They have countless times, and will CONTINUE to do so, seemingly unchecked.

This is scary stuff, folks.

When Trump called the Fake News Media the “enemy of the people,”  many freaked out at his “baseless and dangerous” attack.

This is what he meant, folks. This right here.