Meghan McCain’s Viral Tweet Makes A Comeback On Jeopardy

Ashley (Kimber)

A while back, I wrote about the comeback that took over Twitter for a day. (Twitter trends never last)

It what Meghan McCain’s retort to a conservative writer apparently calling her a “mental midget” – and it was glorious.

According to Fox News:

Meghan McCain coined the Internet’s new favorite meme on Tuesday when she issued a six-word comeback to a critic of “The View” – who, in a dramatic twist, had apparently attended McCain’s wedding.

The daytime talk show co-host responded to a tweet from Denise McAllister, a contributor for The Federalist, a conservative website founded by McCain’s husband, that slammed “The View” hosts as “delusional mental midgets.”

“Can someone explain to me the purpose of The View? It seems to me to be a roundtable of delusional mental midgets ricocheting ignorance and lack of emotional regulation,” she wrote, above a picture of Meghan and a post about how she’s having an “existential crisis.”

Meghan’s response went VIRAL:

Denise then tried to explain the situation…

But that didn’t stop the internet from running with it:

I usually hate Twitter…but this here reminds me why I love it from time to time.

And Meghan was feeling the hype:

Well, the dig resurfaced again on Friday, in the most GLORIOUS way possible.

According to Fox News:

McCain shared a photo of a Jeopardy question on social media that referenced a tweet she sent in March in response to a remark made by a conservative commentator criticizing “The View.”

“Twitter eruputed when this co-host of ‘The View’ responded to a critic with the tweet ‘you were at my wedding Denise,’” the question read.