Kirsten Gillibrand Thinks Pro-Life Bills ‘Go Against Christian Faith’

Ashley (Kimber)

Democrats are exhausting.

On one hand, they mock and demean Christian Faith. On the other, they pretend to be BETTER Christians than the Faithful.

What’s it gonna be, folks? You can’t have it both ways.

Anyway, Kirsten Gillibrand has decided that pro-life legislation is anti-Christian. You know… for REASONS.

According to Daily Wire:

Gillibrand, who is seriously lagging in the polls, made the controversial comments at the Georgia State House, surrounded by pro-abortion legislators and activists. Earlier this month, Georgia passed a law banning abortion after an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detected (typically around six weeks’ gestation).

“If you are a person of the Christian faith, one of the tenets of our faith is free will,” the Democrat said.

“One of the tenets of our democracy is that we have a separation of church and state, and under no circumstances are we supposed to be imposing our faith on other people. And I think this is an example of that effort,” she added.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think it requires Christian faith to realize that ending a life is wrong. Am I alone on that?

According to CBS News, Gillibrand laid out a three-step pro-abortion plan that she would adopt as policy if she were to be voted into the White House: “Codify abortion across the country, end the Hyde amendment, which bans federal funding for abortion, and guarantee reproductive healthcare in every state.”

The Democrat also said she would only tap judges who support the decision in Roe v. Wade to sit on the Supreme Court. Gillibrand was a vocal critic of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was confirmed to the bench in October, generally over concerns about abortion.

Okay then.

Fortunately, Kirsten has as much of a chance at being President as I do at becoming a wealthy oil tycoon (I don’t.) So nothing to worry about, folks.