Friyay’s Video: Mock’s Dream Comes True And A Multi-Millionaire Cat Death


We woke up this morning to the horrible news that Grumpy Cat has passed away, but Mock redeemed the day by sharing her tale of brush-with-celebrity via Instagram Story.

First, our video, y’all. Enjoy:

And if can you believe it – a clever and competent reader ACTUALLY HAD PROOF of the Robbie-Williams-interaction-in-question. So that wonderful reader sent it along to Mock and she subsequently had a meltdown.

He mentions Mock right at the beginning (because she’s obviously a stalker):

I only watched the first minute of the video, but I’m quite certain that precious time would been better spent looking directly at the sun without eye protection. Also, I’m going to go on a limb here and surmise that Johnny Cash wouldn’t have used Instagram Live for asking people if they liked his new watch. Hunch.

Mock ADORES this dude, though, so I’m ecstatic for her that she got her shout-out. That shout-out will keep her floating on cloud nine for at least the next few weeks – until she gets to see him again in Vegas, as well as that snazzy watch of his. You know, the watch she probably single-handedly paid for, since she’s seeing him in concert three times this year.

Coming soon? Robbie Williams’ restraining order against her. Stay tuned!