Mock And Daisy COMIN’ AT YA In The AMs. Better Than Coffee! (Or At Least, A Nice Supplement To Coffee.)

Mockarena, Co-Founder


Daisy and I are gonna do a daily morning FB live video each weekday morning – just a few minutes a day – to chat with you about whatever we think of whatever the two or three biggest news/culture stories of the day are, and get geared up for our radio show that starts at 9am ET each morning at 93WIBC.

We’ll be live on FB each weekday morning around 7.45ish am ET- that’s the goal – and the secondary goal will be to get those videos uploaded to YouTube and then posted here for those of you who are so awesome you don’t even NEED Facebook to get to our site. (You’re our favorites, by the way. Don’t tell the others.)

Anyway, these are our goals. Wish us luck, because sometimes we can be forgetful and get busy with other things. But we’re gonna try our best to check in with y’all while you’re having coffee before 8am ET, and hopefully then entice you to tune into the Actual Radio Show at 9am. You can stream it live or subscribe to the podcast right here. I don’t wanna say it’ll change your life, but I don’t wanna not say it either.

We’re not promising anything other than our normal goofiness and dorkiness, which we have become total experts at.

Hope you enjoy! Here is the video from this morning, which is being posted here waaaaaaaaaaaaay later than I intended. We’ll try to do better tomorrow! You can subscribe to the YouTube Channel right here.