STEM School Shooting Takes Troubling Turn as Parent Reveals Warning She Sent Officials Months BEFORE Attack

Hannah Bleau

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One student died and eight others were injured after two opened fire at the STEM School Highlands Ranch.

Unfortunately, it sounds like some parents expressed concerns about the “high pressure” environment at the school, and officials were ultimately warned that another Columbine-type of incident could take place.

Five months before the deadly shooting at a Colorado high school, a district official urged the school’s director to investigate allegations made by a mother who feared student bullying and violence could lead to the next ‘Columbine’.

The letter, which was dated December 19, was sent to the director of the STEM School in Denver – the scene of Tuesday’s shooting where one student was killed and eight injured when two classmates opened fire with handguns.

The district official wrote in the letter that the anonymous parent had raised ‘concerns about student violence due to a high-pressure environment’ and referred to the massacre at a nearby school in 1999.

The letter described many of the students as violent and suicidal.

Referencing an alleged bomb threat and ‘an extremely high drug culture at STEM,’ the parent said the environment at the school was ‘the perfect storm,’ according to the letter.

It sounds like the mother was right.

Douglas County School District official Daniel Winsor’s letter to STEM Executive Director Penelope Eucker asked the school to investigate the parent’s ‘very serious’ concerns, determine their ‘legitimacy, and ‘take any remedial action that may be appropriate.’

The district informed police of the allegations.

But it doesn’t seem they did anything with this information.

“While STEM took the allegations seriously, our investigation revealed no evidence to support any of the allegations,” Eucker said in a statement.

What a shame. There’s a good chance this could’ve been prevented if the allegations were taken seriously.

h/t Daily Mail

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