Alyssa Milano Says She ‘Doesn’t Have Equal Rights Under the Constitution’, Calls to Ratify It so Women Can Be Treated Justly

Hannah Bleau

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Last summer, Alyssa Milano wept before Congress and declared that she didn’t have equal rights under the Constitution.

That is what it looks like when facts, reason and logic are overruled by misguided anger, narcissism and sheer emotion.

She’s at it again.

“I don’t have equal rights under the Constitution… It is time for the constitution to reflect the powerful principles of its first three words: We the People,” Milano said. “The ERA will build a wall, a wall that will actually do something against the never-ending assault on our rights from the current or future presidents.”

The only people launching never-ending assaults on our rights are Democrats. Think about it. Alyssa Milano preaches about gun control every other day. She launches assaults on our Second Amendment rights daily. She treads on the rights of unborn children on the regular. Don’t give me this crap, Alyssa. Your concerns are disingenuous. No– they’re straight BULL.