Cher Shifts Course, Says She’d ‘Rather Be Dead’ Than Republican

Hannah Bleau

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Cher surprised everyone with her recent tweets, expressing dissatisfaction with certain Democratic positions. I mean, she’s unhinged 97.6% of the time, but this tweet actually made sense for once.

Wow Cher! Isn’t that racist to say?

Trump totally jumped on board with that one.

But get this: She made sense more than once! She weighed in on Bernie Sanders and his bright idea to restore voting rights to violent felons.

“Does Bernie Sanders Really Believe [People] In Prison Who Are Murderers, Rapists, Child Molesters, BOSTON [Marathon] BOMBERS …STILL DESERVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE,” she tweeted.

She’s since taken that tweet down and blamed it on lack of sleep.

But still– does this mean Cher is slowly coming to her senses?

Nope. Actually, she’d rather be dead than be a Republican.

Cher would rather be dead than identify as part of the GOP. That’s a bit dramatic, wouldn’t you say?

Also, what’s with the random punctuation and all caps? I don’t get it.

So it’s confirmed. Cher’s still crazy. As you were.