After 130 Years, Renowned Fair Is Changing it’s Name After a Few People Complain it Reminds Them of Slavery

Hannah Bleau

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Ugh. I really wish officials and coordinators would grow a backbone, because this is ridiculous.

According to that sourcelink, Winston-Salem’s “Dixie Classic Fair” is no more. Well, the name is no more, at least. The city’s mayor, Allen Joines, said they’re taking steps to change the fair’s name, because some believe it’s outdated and offensive.


Because the word “Dixie” reminds people of slavery.

From WFMY:

Earlier this month, the city council was urged to remove “Dixie” from the name. Several speakers said they felt that the word is offensive because of its association with slavery in the south.

In March, Winston-Salem removed a Confederate statue from downtown after it was vandalized twice. City leaders and the property owner said the statue was creating an unsafe environment and ordered the Daughters of the Confederacy to remove it.

The sad thing is, the fair name doesn’t even have controversial roots. It was literally the result of organizers merging two events.

The fair’s current name, The Dixie Classic Fair of Northwest North Carolina dates to 1956. It was adopted following the consolidation of the Dixie Classic Livestock Exhibition and the Winston-Salem Fair into a single event. At the time, the livestock exposition drew from throughout the state and to Virginia and West Virginia. City leaders said fair organizers wanted a name that would reflect the fair’s broad regional reach but now it’s time for a change.

Anyway, it’s changing, and community leaders are asking citizens for suggestions.

Hey– if we’re in the business of banning things with the word “Dixie” in it, can the Dixie Chicks be next? Asking for a friend.