Woman Caught On Video Tossing Newborn Puppies In Dumpster Has Been Arrested

Ashley (Kimber)

I have a hard time understanding what kind of MONSTER purposely hurts a dog. (Don’t even get me started on anyone who would in any way harm a child of the elderly. Yes – I understand that dogs will never be “as important” as people. But I do believe dogs are better than a lot of people out there…)

I have a Wheaten Terrier named Stella. My fiance and I adopted her about a year ago. She had been abused as a puppy. She was found hung from a tree.

Every so often I catch myself looking into her big brown eyes and thinking “how could anyone ever hurt you?”



I just don’t get it.

So when I heard that someone had been caught dumping newborn puppies into a dumpster, my heart just hurt.

Any one of those puppies could have been my sweet Stella. It just makes me so sad that people like this are out there.

The woman has now been arrested.

According to Daily Caller:

On Monday, the woman suspected of dumping seven newborn puppies into a dumpster located behind a store in Coachella, California, was arrested.

When authorities went to the run-down home of Deborah Sue Culwell to take her into custody, they found another 38 dogs, ABC 7 reports.


It’s unclear if the mother of the seven puppies thrown into the dumpster was recovered at Culwell’s home. “It would be a guessing game,” said Animal Services Officer Jose Cisneros.

Poor mama. I just hate this. This is so, so sad. SPAY YOUR FREAKING PETS IF YOU CAN’T TAKE CARE OF PUPPIES OMG.

“The dogs are mainly small terrier mixes that range in age from adult to 3 months old. They appear to be in general good health, despite the conditions they were living in,” ABC 7 notes.

Surveillance footage shows a woman, allegedly Culwell, throwing a sac of three-day-old puppies into a dumpster located behind a NAPA Auto Parts store.

“An employee with a Napa Auto Parts store contacted Riverside County Animal Services after a passerby discovered the bag next to a dumpster,” explained a social media post from the Riverside County Animal Services Department.

“Officer Jose Cisneros responded shortly before 2 P.M. and collected a trash bag, which contained seven puppies. All of the pups were approximately three days old and were believed to be terrier mixes,” the department said, adding, “Animal Services’ veterinary team members cared for the puppies and lined up a rescue group partner organization to take over bottle feeding duties.”

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan spotted the puppies and likely saved their lives just in the nick of time.

“Shortly afterward, a passerby, named John, rummaged through the trash and noticed the bag and brought it into the Napa store,” the department said.

“The Good Samaritan played a major role in saving these puppies’ lives,” said Commander Chris Mayer. “His actions were humane and heroic.”


“If not for the Good Samaritan’s actions, the puppies may not have survived much longer,” he added. “The mid-day temperatures in Coachella on Thursday were in the mid-90s range.”

According to Mayer, “he and his colleagues are already communicating with Riverside County Sheriff’s investigators and the District Attorney’s office in building a strong cruelty case,” noted the Riverside County Animal Services Department.

“There is no excuse for dumping puppies,” the commander said. “Especially in today’s age, when we or other shelters would be willing to get these animals to foster parents or rescue partners. This was a shameful act.”

Culwell, who has a lengthy rap sheet, is now facing faces up to seven counts of animal cruelty and misdemeanor animal abandonment charges, and is currently being held on $10,000 bail.

It’s just all so messed up.

Shame on her.