Actress Patricia Heaton Publicly Brutalizes MSNBC for Harassing Mueller at Church on Easter, Then Laughing About It

Ashley (Kimber)

I’m not a fan of Mueller’s. The man is a partisan HACK.

That being said, I would never harass him for answers during EASTER of all days. Easter is a time for family and worship. He is entitled to that time as are the rest of us.

MSNBC clearly didn’t get the memo.

According to Daily Wire:

MSNBC faced intense blowback on Easter Sunday after they went to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s church and confronted him about the investigation on the Christian holy day.

“So the — Bob Mueller, the director — the former director of the FBI, of course, the special prosecutor — special counsel attended church services just across Lafayette Park here at St. John’s Episcopal Church,” MSNBC reporter Mike Viqueira told MSNBC’s Joy Reid. “Of course, that is known as the church of the President. President Trump and Melania Trump were there just recently.”

Keyword: CHURCH. What gall it takes to come corner people in their place of worship. I hate this so much.

“We knew that he was going to be, he’s been there. He’s been there in the past so we waited for him,” Viqueria continued. “Easter services, tried to be as respectful as possible. He came out the side door of the church. I did have a couple of prepared questions to ask him. Let’s just roll the tape.”

He clearly KNEW this was wildly disrespectful – but he did it anyway. He literally waited and cornered the man at Church on Easter.

WTH is wrong with him?

He even called it an “ambush.” He’s GLOATING about this.

“This is, you know, what some people would characterize as an ambush interview of a man coming out of Easter services at a church,” Viqueira later told Reid. “Some passersby weren’t happy that we were doing that.”

So why did you do it? What did this do other than make you look like a gross, disrespectful moron?

Like me, even those who don’t LIKE Mueller came to his defense:

Spot on.

This interview did NOTHING but prove that MSNBC truly has no “low.”