SNL Spoofs ‘The View’, Mocks Hosts in Rare Gem of a Hilarious Skit

Ashley (Kimber)

I’ve spoken about “Saturday Night Live” at length. I used to think it was funny – but I think that the show, like many others, has given way to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Comedy isn’t funny when it comes from a place of hate. It’s that simple. Watch old SNL skits – and notice that while many were politically motivated, they weren’t hateful.

Dana Carvey, who often played George Bush Senior, actually became good friends with the late president. That’s basically unthinkable now. Alec Baldwin truly detests our Commander in Chief, and it shows with every impersonation he does of him.

So I guess that it makes sense that when they mock something pretty liberal – it’s pretty funny. It doesn’t come from a place of pure, unhinged hate – and it shows.

Ok – I laughed. The squirt bottle? That was perfect? Seriously chuckled.

And let me say that as a half Mexican, often sunburnt woman who just so happens to sell turquoise jewelry and live in Arizona… I died.

And many of the actual cast members have weighed in:


AHEM! I’m the Princess of Arizona, thank you very much.
(I kid, I kid.)

What an honor…

And then of course Ana Navarro had to be obnoxious about it:

See… this comes from a place of hate = not funny.

Thanks for proving my point, Ana!