Hundreds of Migrants Storm Border, Break Through Barrier, Currently En Route to U.S.

Hannah Bleau

But remember. This is a “manufactured crisis.”

About that.

According to the sourcelink above, a mob of migrants stormed through a barrier and made their way into Mexico. In other words, they’re not deterred by flimsy fences.

Mexican authorities said a group of about 350 migrants broke the locks on a gate at the Guatemalan border Friday and forced their way into southern Mexico to join a larger group of migrants trying to make their way toward the United States.

The National Immigration Institute did not identify the nationalities of the migrants, but they are usually from Central America.

According to the report, the migrants were “hostile” and “aggressive.” They also attacked local police, so that’s neat. Best and brightest, you know?

The group of 350 pushed past police guarding the bridge and joined a larger group of about 2,000 migrants who are walking toward Tapachula in the latest caravan to enter Mexico.

It begs the question: Will they attempt to do the same at our border? I think we all know the answer to that.

Fortunately, two US companies were awarded nearly $1 billion in border contracts. The contracts are for “border replacement wall construction,” which indicates that there is some sort of existing barrier, but it’s so crappy that it’s basically like nothing’s there. It’s crucial that they’re fixed, reinforced or ultimately replaced, because clearly, crappy barriers won’t stop some of these migrants.

h/t AP