Hell Freezes Over: Cory Booker Agrees with Trump, Says Dumping Illegals in Sanctuary Cities Would ‘Make Us Less Safe’

Hannah Bleau

WATCH: Trump considers releasing migrants into sanctuary cities

President Trump called the left’s bluff. If they love their precious sanctuary cities so much, we’ll use ’em! How about that? You want to provide “sanctuary” for lawbreakers? Well here you go! Let’s solve the migrant crisis by dumping illegals in those cities. How ya like that, Pelosi?

It’s a genius idea. Trump’s giving Democrats what they claim they want, but suddenly, they’re having a drastic change of heart. Heck– even big 2020 candidates are changing their tune. Cory Booker actually said that Trump’s proposal will “make us less safe.”

Before Trump’s idea, sanctuary cities were amazing. Liberals were all for them. But now that Trump is giving them what they pretend to want, he’s forcing them to admit how dangerous and stupid sanctuary cities are in the first place.

It’s genius.

Keep in mind that Booker has described Trump as a racist in the past.

Well Cory, by your own standards, you’re now a racist too. How DARE you suggest that dumping unchecked illegals in our cities will make us “unsafe”!