Chelsea Handler Has Decided It’s Time To ‘Confront’ Her White Privilege

Hannah Bleau

WATCH: Chelsea Handler admits TDS to Bill Maher

Chelsea Handler recently appeared on “The View” and gave the audience a little insight on her mental state. It’s been pretty clear that she’s been completely off her rocker since President Trump was elected. Why has she been acting that way? I mean, we all know it’s Trump Derangement Syndrome, but what does she attribute her bizarre behavior to?

White privilege. Yep. She basically said she’s been acting like a “spoiled brat” because of her white privilege. She acted out because nothing really horrible has happened to her before, minus her brother dying.

“No, white people certainly don’t want to talk about it [race],” she said. “So I figured start with myself so you know I can hang myself out to dry at my own privilege, at my own reaction to the presidency. Like a spoiled brat, you know, the way so many people were crying and screaming. It was like, well, nothing in your life has ever gone that wrong before? I really had to look and go, no.”

That’s not a “white privilege” thing. That’s a “Hollywood liberal privilege” thing. Big difference.

“Yes, my brother died,” she continued. “That was traumatic and awful. I have never been hungry, I’ve never been discriminated against that I knew about. I think As a person with a platform, you have to start thinking about what kind of contribution you’re going to make when you see the things that are going on in this world.”

The fact that she even puts the DEATH OF HER BROTHER in the same distressing category as Trump winning the election blows my mind.

I also found this clip insanely interesting. Basically, Chelsea dedicated her new book to her future husband, even though she’s never been married and is proud of it. However, her therapist convinced her that it’s OK to say she wants to be married someday.

“That is my calling card to admit, I had to go to a lot of therapy to admit, that I do want to be in a relationship and it’s okay to say I want to be in a relationship, so I decided to dedicate my new book to my future husband, where ever he may be, so he knows I’m serious about being vulnerable and understanding that I don’t have to be some strong independent woman to actually proof myself in life,” she said.

Holy issues!