Feminist Screenwriter Melts Down After Seeing ‘Problematic’ Greeting Cards, Says She ‘Will Kill’ Over Them

Hannah Bleau

Natasha Hodgson. Every heard of her? Probably not. For those who don’t know, she’s a British singer, actress and feminist. How do I know she’s a feminist. This tweet. Behold:

Wowowowow would you look at those oppressive cards perpetuating dangerous and offensive gender stereotypes?! I can’t believe this. It’s disgusting! It’s atrocious! The audacity! What if a woman wants a man to make her a sandwich?!?! And what if a man wants a woman to buy him flowers (LOLOLOL)?!?!

Cue British TV screenwriter Sarah Phelps. She’s completely unhinged. She actually said she’d “kill” over those cards.

Um…they’re just cutesy cards. Does unfounded feminist rage burn a lot of calories or something? Why would someone willingly act like such a piece?

You can say that again.

h/t Twitchy