Jimmy Kimmel Tries to Shame Trump For Mispronouncing ‘Origins’ — Ends Up Making a Complete Fool of Himself Instead

Ashley (Kimber)

Jimmy Kimmel has always been an idiot, but his most recent role as Chuck Schumer’s puppet really puts him over the edge.

Stephen Colbert? Well… the guy’s been a lost cause for ages, too.

Both late-night hosts hacks proved to everyone that comedy is truly dead last night for drilling into President Trump for the dumbest reason ever: a simple tongue slip.

Trump meant to say “origins”…he said “oranges.” Say both out loud and tell me that couldn’t be an easy trip-up if you’re speaking quickly or are distracted. F’real… it could happen to anyone.

And sure, it was kind of silly. But apparently, since it happened to Trump, (his sworn enemy) Kimmel and Colbert think it’s a major deal.

According to Fox News:

Speaking to reporters earlier in the day, President Trump expressed that he hoped that the Department of Justice would “take a look at the oranges” or, as he clarified, the “beginnings” of the Russia investigation.

“The Mueller report, I wish covered the oranges, how it started,” is what it sounded like coming from the president.

Oranges = origins. Again, silly mistake. But not a hyuge freaking deal.

Unless your TDS is so rabid it’s all you can talk about:

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert mocked what he referred to as a “slip of the brain.”

“Yes! Yes, sir! We must take a look at the oranges of the investigation! I say it is high clementine we do so!” Colbert exclaimed.

Wow. How clever?

And just when you thought it couldn’t get dumber… he does a knock-knock joke. No, I’m not kidding.

“Knock, knock,” Colbert said.

“Who’s there?” the audience asked.

“Orange.” Colbert answered.

“Orange who?” the audience shouted back.

“Orange you ashamed we have a president who can’t pronounce ‘origins?’” Colbert quipped.

That joke singlehandedly killed late-night comedy forever. Holy SMOKES that was bad.

Jimmy Kimmel, of course, also had something to say:

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” host Jimmy Kimmel also had fun at President Trump’s expense.

“What happens is he wakes up every morning, he sees the color of his face, and the rest of the day he has that word stuck in his head,” Kimmel told the Las Vegas crowd.

Because it’s not a real Jimmy Kimmel show if he doesn’t say something about Trump being orange, right?

Very limited material here, folks.

Imagine being the kind of mouth-breather who thinks this is funny. I almost feel bad for them.


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