MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski: It Would Be ‘Sad’ If Biden Stops Kissing, Hugging Me (Video)

Hannah Bleau

Democrats are twisting and turning uncomfortably in order to dismiss the allegations of inappropriate behavior from former Vice President Joe Biden. One woman accused Biden of kissing her on the back of the head ahead of a campaign rally in Las Vegas in 2014. Another accused him of rubbing noses with her at a fundraising event in 2009.

Neither of the accusations are very sexual in nature, but they still raise questions on what’s considered acceptable behavior from beloved male Democrats.

Interestingly enough, one staunch supporter of the #MeToo movement is changing her tune. Mika Brzezinski is defending Biden, calling the allegations against him “ridiculous.” Suddenly, she’s wondering if these allegations are politically-motived.

“Is it okay to bring up this could be politically motivated?” Brzezinski asked.

“A lot of folks will say that women need to be believed and heard, and I believe they should be heard,” she continued. “But are we allowed to bring up that Lucy Flores is a huge Bernie person? And she has political connections that might be counter to Biden’s goals? … Is it okay to bring up this could be politically motivated? Or are we just supposed to take all the words and the fact she said she was violated at face value? Are we supposed to just leave it there and have this sort of attack on his credibility and his honor? Just sit there, or are we allowed to talk about it?”

It’s fine to ask those questions. They’re valid. But Mika never seems too eager to ask those questions when the accuser is pointing at a Republican.

What’s more, Mika said it would be “sad” if Biden didn’t hug her, kiss her or hold her hand at their next encounter. For real.

“I think that’s sad. I think the next time I see Joe Biden, if he doesn’t hug me and give me a kiss and hold my hand while we’re talking to you, that’s a new Joe Biden and that’s not the Joe Biden I knew,” Mika said.

“He’s a nice guy. He’s not a predator, and this is ridiculous. Let me just say it: this is ridiculous. It’s completely — the whole thing — the conversation has gotten out of control. And Democrats and those on the left who want to tweet me today and go nuts, and get all woke: you’re eating your young, you’re eating those who can beat Trump, you’re killing the very people who have been pushing women ahead, who have been fighting for equal pay, who have been doing everything they can to respect women in their lives. And we’re going to go after Joe Biden for being affectionate to women of all ages, to men as well. This is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. I don’t understand it,” she added.

Imagine if a Republican woman said that. She’d be torched.

Mika can deal with the backlash by herself. She did this. Her people did this. Democrats brought us to a place where women need to be believed no matter what. Credibility be damned.

h/t NewsBusters

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