‘The View’s’ Abby Huntsman Drops Reality Bomb on Co-Hosts Upset Over Mueller Findings

Hannah Bleau

Abby Huntsman doesn’t usually make waves on “The View.” She’s quiet. She doesn’t have an explosive personality or dripping hatred for the Trumps. But the other day, she said something that rubbed some of her co-hosts the wrong way.

She said everyone should be “happy” that Mueller’s report found no evidence of collusion.

“It did say in the report that Russia was clearly trying to impact our elections and that is a serious, serious issue,” Huntsman said. “But what obviously the big finding was that, no, there was no collusion between Trump or any American for that matter when it comes to colluding with Russia, which I would say, whether you like the president or you hate him, that’s something we should all be happy about. The alternative is our president colluding with the Russian government. That’s a pretty bad place to be.”

Exactly. So why are celebrities and liberal politicians howling in grief?

I’ll tell you why. Because it wasn’t about “collusion.” They don’t care about election interference. They care about taking down Trump and delegitimizing his presidency. That’s their priority.

Her co-hosts are in denial. Joy was all, “Why did he keep his conversations with Putin secret, for example?” and “Why did he ask Comey to go easy on Flynn? Those are like little questions that sound like obstruction to me, so I don’t buy that he’s completely exonerated, the way he just said.”

Trump’s not completely exonerated, according to Joy and her infinite wisdom. Alrighty then.

Meanwhile, Meghan McCain claimed exhaustion said she’s having an “existential crisis” over this.

“I’m exhausted and exacerbated by media coverage of this, because it was hyped so much,” McCain said. “I don’t have a horse in this race in the sense that I actually came in here today and I was like maybe the person sitting in this specific chair should be a Trumper, because I don’t like him and I think he has the mental and emotional capacity of King Joffrey in Game of Thrones, but that doesn’t make him a Russian spy.”

“And I actually have been like having a sort of existential crisis with this,” she added. “Because I’m not a Trump supporter. I’m a hardcore conservative. I’m not a Trump populist. And this is where divisions lie as we’ve been talking about on this show. Trumpers love this, and by the way, this could get him re-elected, the media getting so out over their skis with this and saying it’s collusion, he was a Russian spy.”

She’s having a crisis because she hates Trump, so she kinda sorta secretly wished that Mueller found him guilty of something? Is that it, Meghan?

Whoopi’s not buying that Trump’s in the clear either.

“So, 22 months after Robert Mueller’s investigation began, his report has been delivered,” she said. “He found no evidence that the guy in the White House conspired with Russia. He stopped short of exonerating him for obstruction of justice, but you-know-who must not have read that part.”

Nothing short of collusion would satisfy these people. Sorry! There is none! Abby’s right. Everyone on both sides of the aisle should be happy about that. Thank u, next!