Joe Biden Just Somehow Messed Up Announcing He’s Running For President

Ashley (Kimber)

Ohhh, Biden.

Many think Creepy Uncle Joe might be the Dem’s best bet.

You know – if he doesn’t mess it up. Because Joe has a particular KNACK for putting his foot in his mouth.

Foooor example, he totally just accidentally told us he was running:

Um. Surprise?!

According to the New York Post:

Joe Biden briefly, and accidently, announced he’s running for president during a speech in Dover, Del., on Saturday night — but then quickly walked it back.

“I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the United . . .” the former vice president began saying, before stopping himself.

He quickly clarified that he had not joined the crowded field of Democratic candidates just yet.

“Of anybody who would run,” he corrected himself.

“I didn’t mean it! Of anybody who would run.”

Bleeess his heart. He’s running.

People are it RIIIIGHT up.

The flub won cheers, the Washington Post reported.

A poll last week showed Biden, 76, leading the pack of 2020 Democratic contenders.

Chants of “Run, Joe Run!” have been common at his well-attended events in key primary states.

“Save it a little longer,” he told a conference of firefighters who took up the chant last week in Washington, DC. “I may need it in a few weeks.”

So… do you guys think it will it be Trump v. Biden in 2020? (Because it CERTIANLY won’t be Gillibrand.)