Melania Rep Destroys ‘The View’ Hosts for Pushing Outrageous Conspiracy In Wake of Tragedy

Hannah Bleau

Melania Trump’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, is always right on the money. She doesn’t play games. Case in point.

Last week, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited the victims of the deadly tornadoes that swept towns in Alabama. However, MSM was more concerned about the ridiculous “Melania Trump body double” conspiracy theory than, you know, the ACTUAL VISIT.

There’s more where that came from. Even the ladies of “The View” indulged.

“When there’s a rumor like this, and memes all over the place, I think it catches on because there’s an element of truth to the idea that she doesn’t want to spend time with him,” Behar added.

The co-hosts at the table agreed that the theory is false, but conservative commentator Ana Navarro added that “political reality is so absurd, you would almost believe anything. I think this is crazy and it’s absurd, but it’s also funny.”

Navarro? Conservative? HAHAHA.

Grisham hit back hard.

She also told USA Today: “I’ve always found it sad that a group of women spend so much time attacking another woman, whose only goal is to help children…Yesterday’s show went beyond the petty, mean-girl spirit that we’ve grown accustomed to.”


h/t The Hill