Chelsea Clinton Was Yelled At By A Muslim Woman At A Memorial Service And Her Reaction Makes Me Crazy.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

You guys, check out this thread:

The chick who originally posted the video is obviously a coward and a moron, and I can’t believe she has actually put me in a position where I feel like I need to defend Chelsea Clinton, but here we are.

The New Zealand massacre was an act of terror by a deranged lunatic who was literally ALL OVER THE PLACE politically – he hates capitalism and free markets, he hates individualism but also hates diversity, he is an enviro-wackjob, he loves China’s communism. He’s just a nutjob, whose intent was to create chaos and fear and disruption and civil war here in the US and across the world. Chelsea didn’t stoke the massacre – PURE EVIL did. And the way she tries to smooth over the situation with this crazy woman berating her is maddening. Chelsea had no reason to apologize. She called out Ilhan Omar’s anti-semitism, which was the right thing to do (but then also backpedaled – which was nauseating). But the woman berating her was still pissed off about Chelsea’s Ilhan comments, and somehow twisted her anger into actually indirectly blaming Chelsea for the NZ terror attack. That’s freaking wack, and Chelsea should have SAID that’s freaking wack.

People have lost their damn minds.