Lori Loughlin’s Bond Was Set To An INSANELY High Amount

Hannah Bleau

Aunt Becky Lori Loughlin is in deep trouble due to her participation in the widespread college admissions scandal. She appeared in federal court in Los Angeles Thursday, and her bond was set at $1 million. ONE MILLION. I mean, what she did was positively garbage, but she’s not a serial killer.

Via Page Six:

The actress said nothing in the courtroom other than responding “yes” to Magistrate Judge Steve Kim’s questions. The judge instructed her to limit her travel to the continental US and also reluctantly agreed to let her continue traveling to Vancouver, Canada, for filming, according to Variety.

Giannulli — the man behind the Mossimo T-shirt brand — already appeared in court Tuesday and was also released on $1 million bond. Loughlin had been in Vancouver but returned to California Wednesday morning, where she was taken into custody.

Agreed, Greta!

All that being said, this is awk.

Dang. Was it worth it?