Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Goes Off The Rails Again, Suggests Trump Is A Pathological Liar

Hannah Bleau

Kellyanne Conway’s husband isn’t exactly Trump’s #1 fan. Eh– that’s an understatement. He can’t stand the guy. We’ve highlighted instances of George going after President Trump on Twitter. I’m not saying he’s not entitled to his own opinion, but I do think he should tone it down for his wife’s sake. This seems pretty disrespectful to her. He’s directly combating her work. It just seems messed up.

This thread is no exception.

Not liking someone isn’t a good enough reason to launch a “serious inquiry” into their state of mind. Trump hasn’t exhibited signs of “insanity.” (He’s a VERY STABLE GENIUS.) He does, however, have a knack for affecting the condition of LIBERALS’ minds. TDS, anyone?

Mhmmmmm. Trump Derangement Syndrome. Look it up.

h/t Twitchy