Trump Says FAA Will GROUND Boeing Planes After Horrific Crash

Ashley (Kimber)

Got stock in Boeing?

I’m sorry.

WORK for Boeing?

I’m really, REALLY sorry.

President Trump has now announced that the FAA WILL ground Boeing 737 Max 8 and 737 Max 9 models after TWO horrific crashes.

According to Fox News:

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Wednesday ordered two Boeing 737 Max jets — one model of which was involved in the fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed 157 people — to be temporarily grounded in the U.S.

The agency said the decision was made to ground both the Boeing 737 Max 8 and 737 Max 9 models “as a result of the data gathering process and new evidence collected at the site and analyzed.”

“The grounding will remain in effect pending further investigation, including examination of information from the aircraft’s flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders,” the FAA said.

Honestly… I think this is the right move. Can you IMAGINE if ANOTHER plane crashed KNOWING this was happening? People’s lives are at stake.

President Trump earlier Wednesday said the FAA planned to announce that the jetliners would be “grounded upon landing” at their destinations. He said that both pilots and airlines have been notified.

“Any plane currently in the air will go to its destination and thereafter be grounded until further notice,” Trump told reporters. “The safety of the American people, and all people, is our paramount concern.”

The US aren’t the only ones to make this call:

The news comes after Canada’s transport minister earlier Wednesday announced the country would be barring the Max 8 jet from its airspace, saying satellite tracking data shows possible but unproven similarities between the Ethiopian Airliner crash and a previous crash involving the model five months ago.

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to HUNDREDS of lives.