Jussie Smollett Spotted Strutting Into Court Like A Little Diva, And It’s Honestly Nauseating

Hannah Bleau

We have a Jussie Smollett sighting on our hands.

Who does he think he is?!?! He’s strutting in there like a little entitled diva. It makes me sick.

Because he is. He’s an arrogant little twerp.

Via TMZ:

Jussie, who’s been laying low since he was arrested for filing a false police report, was rocking shades, gloves and a trench coat as he arrived Tuesday. The hearing is really for his attorney, Mark Geragos, to file the paperwork so he can rep Jussie in Illinois — and also to determine if cameras will be allowed in court for the case.

He wasn’t required to be there, but our sources say Smollett chose to attend because he intends to be an active participant in his defense … and not just an observer. We’re also told he’s done hiding.

Done hiding, eh? Is he ready to face the music and admit that he’s a total FRAUD? 16 counts, buddy. You lied. You tried to divide the country over a FAKE ATTACK. You’re a pathetic little twerp, and I hope you see justice.

h/t TMZ