We Got The Meanest Voicemail In The History Of Ever And I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT IT.

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HOLY CRAP, you guys.

As you well know, if you’ve ever looked at our Wall of Shame, we get insulted A LOT.  Like on every possible platform – email, voicemail, social media – anywhere that we can be insulted, we get insulted.  And that’s fine.  All the more fodder for the Wall of Shame, which means ultimately, the very people who insult us help us make money, which I have to hope drives them completely bonkers.

The voicemail that we got yesterday though – was beyond the typical, “You guys are c*nts” type of message that we’re accustomed to, and that we can just roll our eyes at and then go about our business.  This one deserves more attention, because it reminds us that conservatism unfortunately still needs a massive makeover, if people like this dude are claiming to be conservative.

We played the voicemail on our show today, and had a little bit of discussion, and Producer Brian (who was filling in for Producer Rob) even added a little mood music.  Take a listen.


First of all, there is no way that this dude is as embarrassed to share conservatism with US as WE are to be sharing it with HIM. This dude might claim to be conservative, but anyone who espouses the “privilege” talking points routinely used by progressives,  and who wishes poverty and pain on other humans isn’t the kind of conservative I would ever want to be associated with.

Second, if you’re a person who denigrates your own language because it’s not considered to be a romantic language like Spanish, then check your patriotism, because it’s sorely lacking. Also – I have no idea how this idiot thinks we make fun of Spanish. I would love to be able to speak Spanish. Whenever I see Ashley, I want her to speak it at me because it sounds so freaking cool. What Daisy and I DO do on the air, is make fun of ME for not being able to roll my Rs. And we make fun of the name of a color of a car that Infiniti has called Hermosa Blue, which Daisy rolls her Rs on like crazy so that it sounds like Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmosa. Again, this is because she knows I can’t roll my Rs, and is MAKING FUN OF ME FOR IT. This is literally the only thing I can think of that this guy has heard that he could potentially try to twist into us “making fun of the Spanish language.”

Third – “reverse discrimination.” WTF. I have no idea in what way we could possibly be discriminating against anyone. It’s not like we’re a huge company turning away tons of potential hires. Anyone and everyone is welcome to listen to our show. Anyone and everyone is welcome to comment here (until, of course, they are a-holes to us in which case they are banned). Discrimination is prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. How the hell do we do that???

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Fourth – this idea that we make fun of handicapped people? WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL. Hey genius – my oldest son is a quadriplegic in a wheelchair with severe cerebral palsy who eats via g-tube, can’t walk or talk, and requires 24 hour care. BLOW ME. Don’t tell me I make fun of handicapped people. That’s utter bullsh*t.

Fifth – when you say something like, “I won’t criticize you” and then proceed to spend the next 45 seconds doing nothing BUT criticizing us, you’re a legit moron who clearly doesn’t understand what words mean.

Sixth – YOU HAVE NO IDEA how much or how little money we have. You have no idea what our salaries are. You have no idea what bills we have to pay. You have no idea, apparently, that both Daisy and I have worked since we were in our teens, earning every dollar we’ve ever made. Nothing has been “handed to us.” We worked on building this site and brand for five years before it earned a single dime. DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO TELL US that we haven’t earned our own way, you complete jackhole.

Seventh – we don’t have to “soul search our conscience” because we have nothing to feel guilty about. There are blacks, Jews, and handicapped people in our lives who we love dearly, some of whom are IMMEDIATE FREAKING FAMILY YOU GUTLESS D*CKBAG.

Lastly, I don’t wish “poverty and pain” on anyone – with the possible exception of murderers and rapists. I don’t even wish poverty and pain on people I loathe with the fury of a billion suns, like Ashley Judd and AOC. That’s just freaking sick to wish poverty and pain on people who have done nothing but have a radio show you dislike. WTF dude.  Like Daisy said – yeah, a bad rash would be cool.  But poverty and pain?  No.

The guy who left that voicemail was no conservative – he’s just an assumption-making, bitter, miserable, woman-hating coward.

Welcome to the Wall of Shame, loser.  Thanks for helping us make money.