OMG You Guys Watch How Cory Booker Refused To Answer This Question – It Is HILARIOUS.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Cory Booker was speaking to a group of people about a piece of legislation he wanted to talk about, and decided to open up the floor for questions afterwords. Someone asked him to address the whole Ilhan Omar debacle, and you guys, LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENS:


OMG. So he wants questions, but then when the ONLY QUESTION ASKED is one that makes him uncomfortable, he calls for an end to questions. Welcome to what a Cory Booker presidency would look like, y’all. Democrats are the least transparent and least honest people in the universe. At least Trump answers basically every question asked of him (often to his detriment.)

Cory Booker is a cartoon character and this clip completely cracked me up!