NJ Teens Remind Us There IS Hope For Future Generations

Ashley (Kimber)

I often get so disappointed when I read stories about today’s teens. Between being gender-fluid otherkins, kids doing Girl Scout projects for abortion, and just the general disrespect coming out of kids I wonder… what does the future hold for us?

Well… kids like these give me a glimmer of hope.

Maybe we’ll be just fine after all!


How GREAT are these kids?

According to Fox News: 

Five young men in New Jersey stepped up on a recent snow day to ensure that a neighbor on kidney dialysis would be able to make it to her daily appointment.

On March 4, Parsippany High School seniors Patrick Lanigan, Justin Stanton, Chris Leibfred, Tyler Grieco and Amon Sharafi pitched in to remove the sudden snowfall from neighbor Natalie Blair’s driveway at 4:30 a.m., so that the woman could safely make it to her 6 a.m. dialysis treatment, the Morristown Daily Record and ABC 7 reported.

These High School seniors are better gentlemen that the entire Democrat party put together.
The night before, Lanigan realized that the six to eight inches of anticipated snowfall could prevent his neighbor from getting to her appointment, the Record reported. As Blair is awaiting a kidney transplant, her daily treatments are of urgent importance.

Lanigan called his friends and classmates, who were happy to bundle up and lend a helping hand. Rallying together bright and early Monday morning, the teens had cleared the area within 30 minutes, preparing a clear path for the transporting ambulance to pick up the elderly woman right on time.

“I looked out the front window and I’m like, the whole driveway’s clear. And then I found out from my husband there were four of them with Patrick,” Blair told ABC 7.

“When I came out here at 6 a.m., the whole driveway was completely clear so I could get out,” she added. “And I did. I got to dialysis safely.”

The high school students, meanwhile, say that the early morning shoveling was simply the right thing to do.

Making their mamas proud.

It just warms your heart, doesn’t it?

“We just wanted to help out his neighbor, do something good, do a good deed,” Grieco told ABC.

“Snow angels disguised as Parsippany High School seniors,” Lanigan’s dad Peter wrote of the news on Twitter, in a post that has since been liked well over 400 times.

If this doesn’t inspire you to get out there and do a good deed for someone… you should stop and ask yourself if you’re part of the PROBLEM – or part of the SOLUTION!

Let’s ALL make America great again! It starts with each and every one of us!

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