Mockarena, Co-Founder

The way that Chris Matthews and Omarosa play off of each other in this clip is positively nauseating.  It’s almost like they’re trying to outdo each other on their mutual hatred of Trump at first – with Chris basically asking, “Isn’t Trump totes racist?” and Omarosa essentially replying, “OMG I KNOW RIGHT?” and then just piling on.  And then at the end, Matthews tells her that the show “lights up” when she’s on it.


Anyway, Omarosa says there is one person who, if subpoenaed to testify about Trump in front of the 54 different committees trying to investigate him right now, will totally take him down – and that’s his longtime personal secretary Rhona Graff. Except she also says it’s likely that Rhona Graff will plead the 5th, so who knows. Also, Omarosa sings the praises of Obama, because as we all know, Omarosa has never been a conservative. She’s a self-important snake, she’s always been a self-important snake, and she’ll always be a self-important snake.

(But I admit without shame that she’s a beautiful woman. I hate how beautiful she is, but dammit – she’s beautiful.) STILL – total snake.

Anyway, prepare to hurl.