Man Who ASSAULTED TPUSA Activist On College Campus Appears In Court

Ashley (Kimber)

Watch: Here’s What The Man Who Assaulted a TPUSA Activist Had To Say At Court

As you’ve probably heard by now, while the leftist media figures out more ways to claim they’re ALWAYS the victims, things like THIS are happening on college campuses entirely unnoticed:

As I said then – I imagine for a moment if these roles were reversed.

Imagine for a moment that the man doing the punching was wearing a MAGA hat.

CNN, NBC, CBS… they’d all be playing this on NONSTOP LOOP.

But that’s not the case. The CONSERVATIVE was getting beat up… so of course, there’s SILENCE from the media.

President Trump honored Hayden for his willingness to speak up and stand up for his beliefs at CPAC last weekend.

The suspect has now been charged with three felonies and a misdemeanor.

And he’s appeared in court today:

“Not guilty.”

We all watched the video, Zach.

You look PRETTY DAMN GUILTY to me.