AOC Dials The Crazy Up To 11, Suggests Supporting ICE Is Rooted In Racism

Hannah Bleau

What in the world is this chick’s deal? It’s like she lives in on another planet. She’s completely detached from reality in every way possible.

Last night, she decided to call out Republicans and some Democrats for voting to support ICE, because it’s rooted in the raaaaaaaacist idea that Latino immigrants are more dangerous than US citizens, which is hilarious because NO ONE EVER SAID THAT. It’s rooted in keeping people– WHATEVER nationality they may be– from entering our country ILLEGALLY.

Wait wait. Here’s where it gets really good.






Need anymore?

She wasn’t done.

Acknowledging the importance of border security isn’t a rooted in racism or white supremacism or whatever terrible labels you want to slap on it, AOC. You can keep saying it, but it doesn’t make it true.

Shame on you. That entire rant is just plain irresponsible.