AOC Thinks We Criticize Liberal Women Because We’re Sexists Who Can’t Handle Females In Power

Hannah Bleau

If there’s one thing that really gets me going, it’s self-described feminists accusing me of being sexist.

Stop right there. That’s the biggest load of BS I’ve ever heard. The vast majority of people don’t have a problem with female leaders. In fact, because I believe that women are just as capable as men, I hold them to the SAME STANDARDS. I don’t let idiotic statements slide just because they have ladyparts. I don’t give them a pass on stupid decisions, just because #WomenStickTogether. No. If you believe that women are just as capable of leading as men– as I do– then you hold them to the same damn standard. No no– they don’t get special treatment, and YOU don’t get to tell me that I criticize leaders like Pelosi too harshly because I’m a secret self-loathing sexist. I judge her harshly because she’s a corrupt hag. I judge her harshly because she’s CONSTANTLY in front of a microphone, lying to the American people. Schumer does the same thing but less often. But when he DOES, we ALWAYS call him out. By the way– Pelosi’s not just some “nobody” in Congress. She’s SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. I think that’s a pretty big position. Whoever fills that position should KNOW that critiques are coming. And Maxine? I mock Maxine because literally all she does is go on TV and scream “IMPEACH 45!” She straight up told libs to go out their way to harass Trump supporters. Remember that? Am I expected to give her a pass because she’s a black woman? Is that what you want AOC? Special treatment?

Sorry. You’re not going to get it from me. If female leaders want respect, they need to prove that they are worthy of it.

If anything, I’m a better feminist than AOC, because I ACTUALLY judge women the same as men. I don’t take other factors into consideration. I don’t make excuses for their screw-ups. I judge them the same as I judge men. Isn’t that what feminists claim to want?

Clearly not. AOC is just reminding us of that. Women deserve special treatment, because #reasons.

That’s not feminism, AOC. That’s actually demeaning to women. You’re basically suggesting that we need a “judgment curve.”

And you, AOC? I judge YOU because you’re a sensitive socialist who gets her delicate feelings hurt every time someone points out that you pimp a FAILED ideology.

Either leave or take it like a man. 😉