Hollywood Nimwit Gives Us Ladies Permission Not To Shave. Thanks?

Ashley (Kimber)


Nothing gives me the “icks” quite like a Hollywood “male feminist.”

Like… don’t. Just don’t. Your virtue signaling makes my skin crawl.

Case in point:


I really thought I was REQUIRED to do all of these things! Thank GOD “Dave Vescio” mansplained feministing to me.

I am so RELIEVED to find out I no longer have to try to be graceful. I’m not. In fact, I was just playing with my dog and didn’t realize she tracked snow into my kitchen so the floor was all wet and I totally fell on my A$$. It hurt and my dog licked my face as I laid there and wallowed in equal parts shame, pain, and hysterical amusement. I’m SO glad I’M ALLOWED TO DO THIS NOW. THANK YOU, DAVE VESCIO.

Also GO F*CK YOURSELF, DAVE VESCIO. I don’t need you to tell me what I can and cannot do.

Because unlike YOUR stupid brand of “feminism” I JUST DO WHAT I WANT. And yes- often that includes MOST of the crap on his stupid little list.

Other than listen to your BULLSH*T. And this, Dave, is bullsh*t.