Yes -This Is A REAL SHIRT YOU CAN BUY. Is It Creepy, Pathetic, OR CUTE?

Ashley (Kimber)

Would You Ever Buy One Of These Shirts?


I was scrolling through my facebook wall, when I stumbled across this “leopard print” shirt.

(For the record, I don’t even wear leopard print. That’s more Hannah’s thing. I’m a floral print girl myself.)

UMMMM. Is this “so good?!” Because I think it’s WILDLY creepy.

Yeeeeah. That’s not leopard print. Those are little brown RGB faces.

It’s called the “girlfriend” shirt, and let me tell you this… If your girlfriend shows up in one of these: RUN.

You can pre-order this monstrosity here for the LOW, LOW price of $70.20 (down from $78. What a BARGAIN.)

So um…are YOU getting one?

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