It’s (Primary) SHOW Time: Kamala Takes A Swipe At Bernie

Ashley (Kimber)

For the most part, the ten thousand Dems vying for the 2020 nomination are all pretending to be BEST BUDDIES.

I mean… remember that creepy photo-op Gillibrand and Booker did where she whispered he looked good in a baby voice?

Anyway… things are sloooowly starting to heat up. And Kamala just sort of kind of took a swipe at everyone’s favorite senile grifter.

According to Fox News:

The Granite State may have been Bernie Sanders country in the 2016 Democratic primary, but Sen. Kamala Harris says she won’t follow in the independent senator from Vermont’s footsteps.

Asked by Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy if she would have to run as a democratic socialist – which is how Sanders often describes himself, the Democrat from California quickly and bluntly answered that “I am not a democratic socialist.”

Harris spoke on Monday as she took questions from reporters during her in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire for the first time since launching her presidential campaign four weeks ago.

Uh oh. Here comes the “progressive” SWARM!

Yup. Erick only wants to vote for a REAL SOCIALIST, DAMMIT.


But it’s gonna take him a loooooooong time. He doesn’t move so fast these days.

He’s not a Democrat. So there’s that.

Nothing she says inspires. But whatevz.

Well…they’re not. No matter WHO says them.

Mine EITHER. I have a feeling our reasons are RADICALLY different, though.

Democrats have it TOUGH in 2020. They’re gonna have to reassure the moderates they’re not socialists… while taming the ever-growing, ever-insane progressive horde.

LOLOLOLOLOL. Good luck and good riddance.