Farrakhan Tells ‘Sweetheart’ Congresswoman Not To Apologize

Ashley (Kimber)

You know you’re doing a GREAT job in Congress when you’re Louis Farrakhan’s “sweetheart.”


As you may have heard, Rep. Ilhan Omar has been forced to apologize for REPEATED swipes at Jews, Israel, and anything she sees as related to the Jewish people.

Professional Anti-Semite and overall horrific person Louis Farrakhan wants the “sweetheart” to stop apologizing. She’s doing juuuuuust fine.

According to Fox News:

Notorious Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan defended Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., for implying on Twitter last week that the pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC compensated lawmakers in exchange for supporting the Jewish state.

In remarks at the NOI’s annual Saviours’ Day celebration Sunday at Chicago’s United Center, Farrakhan condemned lawmakers who pressed Omar to apologize in the wake of her remarks.

“Sweetheart, don’t do that,” Farrakhan said, addressing Omar. “Pardon me for calling you sweetheart, but you do have a sweet heart. You sure are using it to shake the government up, but you have nothing to apologize for.”

This, from a man who literally blamed “the wicked Jews” for Tamika Mallory’s demise that SAME DAY.

Good job, Ilhan. You have a LOVELY fan club.

Now… will the media repeatedly ask Omar to CONDEMN Farrakhan? Or are only Republicans expected to speak up when lousy people pledge their support?