Vice President Mike Pence Skewers Ilhan Omar

Hannah Bleau

I know, I know. Vice President Mike Pence? Skewering? That’s not how he’s usually described. It’s usually not his style, but anti-Semitic hags really bring it out of him.

By now, everyone knows about Rep. Ilhan Omar and her history of being a raging anti-Semite. For some reason completely beyond me, liberals are SO quick to forgive and forget. Omar was all, “#SorryNotSorry,” and liberals were all, “Girl you are FORGIVEN. It’s done! We’re good here!”

It’s incredible (in a bad way).

President Trump called for Omar to step down.

In the very least, Democrats should remove her from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Cue Mike Pence.

I agree 100%. But will libs do anything? Nah. They’re too busy accusing us of being mean to Omar, the raging anti-Semite.