Some SUPREME PSYCHO Sabotaged City’s Snowplows And Salt Trucks

Ashley (Kimber)

Yes. I DID try to fit as many “S” sounding words as I could in the headline. It’s the little things that keep me going.


As you all know, much of the United States has been HAMMERED with snow recently. (I live in Arizona, and we’re doing juuuust fine, thank you! HEHE!) For reasons I can’t wrap my head around, some nutjob decided to ruin some snowplows.

I guess he/she/it didn’t want people to make it to work on time? Or… something.

There are some PROFOUNDLY messed up folks out there, huh?

According to Fox News: 

As snow and ice fell Tuesday across the Northeast, officials in one New York city were unable to immediately clean the streets — after someone sabotaged all of the snowplow and salt trucks.

Told ya.

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas said in a Facebook post that one or more people are believed to have entered a public works garage between 3:30 p.m. Monday and 5 a.m. Tuesday and stuffed latex gloves in the gas tanks of the city’s municipal trucks.

WTF?! Who even does that?! And WHY?! WHAT A D*****CK.

“It’s a direct attack on the people of Mount Vernon,” Thomas said in a statement. “We are not going to be intimidated. We are going to catch whoever is responsible for this act of hate against the people of the city.”

OK… there is some MAJOR drama going on in Mount Vernon.

Officials discovered the vandalism when two city trucks became disabled around 6 a.m. After mechanics found the gloves in the gas tanks of the two vehicles, an inspection of the rest of the city’s trucks revealed gloves in all of their tanks.

In total, 29 trucks — 16 garbage trucks and 13 snow plows — had been tampered with, the Rockland/Westchester News reported. Westchester County officials sent in additional crews to help clear the tanks.

Officials think someone’s up to NO GOOD.

Besides the sabotaged snow plows, the mayor said that a fake pipe bomb was left in Mount Vernon City Hall on Jan. 14 and “almost immediately after” the building was clear, someone set fire to a file cabinet in an office. He appeared to link the incident on Tuesday with the ones last month.

“We are shocked and saddened by the direct act of intimidation,” Thomas said. “We’re very aggravated by the constant harassment by groups of people that want to obstruct progress and the protection of the people of the city.”


This sounds like DRAAAAAMA. Someone should do a docuseries on the “Real Nutjobs of Mount Vernon.”

I’d totally watch it.