Rep. Steve Scalise Calls For Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Removal From The Foreign Affairs Committee

Hannah Bleau

Watch: Steve Scalise Isn’t Messing Around When It Comes To Rep. Omar

You know how it goes. Rep. Ilhan Omar makes anti-Semitic remarks, and liberals forgive her again and again and again (and call us the racists in between…just for good measure).

Rep. Steve Scalise has had enough. He’s calling for Omar’s removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

“She sits on the [House] Foreign Affairs Committee,” he told Fox News. “She is able to get classified briefings on foreign policy, especially as it relates to Israel, and yet she has made statements, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish statements,”

“She has aligned herself with anti-Semitic people as well,” he continued. “She should be removed from the Foreign Affairs committee.”

Regarding her non-apology apology, Scalise said:

“She apologized and then went after those same groups…It clearly wasn’t unequivocal and doesn’t take the comments back.”


The GOP stripped Rep. Steve King of his committee assignments after his questionable remarks about white supremacy. Why isn’t the other side doing the same to Omar?

Here’s the full interview:

For those wondering, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said they’re not planning on stripping Omar from anything.

“I don’t think she’s anti-Semitic,” Hoyer said. “She did apologize. The key will be that when we make a mistake like that, conscious or unconscious, that we don’t repeat it. That will be the proof of the pudding.”

This is hardly the first time she’s made anti-Semitic remarks, but alrighty then.

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