President Trump Considers Accepting The Border Security Deal

Hannah Bleau

On Tuesday, President Trump said he wasn’t entirely happy with the current border security deal congressional negotiators reached. It only provides $1.375 billion for a wall.

“Am I happy? The answer is no, I’m not. I’m not happy,” Trump said.

“I’m adding things to it,” Trump continued. “It’s all going to happen, where we’re going to build a beautiful, big, strong wall.”

“I don’t think you’re going to see a shutdown,” he added. “If you did have it, it’s the Democrats’ fault.”

Then last night, he tweeted this:

Are those signs that he’s caving?

Maybe. Sarah Sanders said she can’t say if he’ll sign it until he sees the final deal.

“The president wants to see what final package looks like and he’ll make a decision at that point,” she said.

He’s not saying “definitely not,” even though the $5.7 billion for the wall is NOT provided. That’s concerning.

What do you think? Will he sign it and try to convince us that it’s good enough, or will he sign it and declare a national emergency along with it?