Jussie Smollett’s Latest Move Is Raising Some MAJOR Questions

Ashley (Kimber)

Look Who Jussie Smollett Just Hired…

This whole Jussie Smollet “hate crime” thing keeps getting shadier and shadier in my book.

The last we heard he FINALLY released his call records to police. But get this – they were REDACTED.

WHY? If he’s the victim here, why not hand over as much “evidence” as you can, as quickly as possible?

Makes you WONDER, doesn’t it?

And now there’s this:

Does that name sound familiar? There’s a reason for that:


Legitimate question here: Why does an innocent VICTIM of a “hate crime” need to hire a PR firm that specializes in helping people like WEINSTEIN cover is a$$?

The PR agency has begun their heavy-handed approach. BLAST THEM WITH “INFO.”

AH, YES! An interview with Good Morning America, where Robin Roberts will ask Jussie Smollett how it feels to be a hero for having survived this vicious hate crime.

Sunshine Sachs is goooood.