Is This Real Life? Ilhan Omar Tries To Play The Victim.

Hannah Bleau

These people make me want to vomit.

Last night, Tamika Mallory– the same woman who refuses to affirm Israel’s right to existtried to rush to the defense of her fellow anti-Semitic hag of a friend, Ilhan Omar. She had the nerve to say that “minority” women are being used as “scapegoats” for white nationalism, and I’m just sitting here thinking, “WTH! OMAR IS HOT WATER FOR HER NEAR-CONSTANT ANTI-SEMITIC REMARKS!” This has absolutely NOTHING to do with racism (on OUR end) and EVERYTHING to do with far-left extremists thinking they can say and act however they want simply because of their “minority” status.  No. You DO NOT get to say anti-Semitic things and get away with it just because you’re black or Muslim. Why aren’t they going after ACTUAL RACISTS like Louis Farrakhan– who called the Jews “termites”– with the same passion?

Ugh. I’m so annoyed.

Omar’s apology was lame and pathetic, and everyone knows it. Heck– Trump even called her out.

Omar just responded. She’s playing the victim. Trump has been hateful toward HER people for like, ever! And he hates Jews too!

She’s got nothing. This is how you know you won. When liberals start hurling every single generalization your way– racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, etc.– you know they have nothing. They call you a name, pound their chest and feel victorious. Let ’em feel that way. She’s a loser who adheres to a loser ideology and embraces loser values. She is the one with a serious hate problem, and everyone with functioning brain cells can see it.