Covington Investigation Concludes, Investigators Find No Evidence Of ‘Racist Statements’ Made By The Students

Hannah Bleau

The Covington Catholic drama has fallen to the wayside. Once everyone realized that the students did nothing wrong and MSM got the entire story SO WRONG and refused to admit their fault, it kinda just evaporated.

Still, a bunch of Cincinnati private investigators looked into the “incident,” and whaddya know? They found no evidence that students hurled racist statements Nathan Phillips’ way.

The Washington Post reports Wednesday that a team of Cincinnati private investigators spent hundreds of hours reviewing footage and interviewing witnesses before concluding that there was no evidence that there were “racist or offensive statements by students to Mr. Phillips.”


After the results were released, the Bishop of Covington reversed the diocese’s earlier condemnation of the students, noting that “my hope and expectation expressed in my letter to you of 25 January that the results of our inquiry … would exonerate our students so that they can move forward with their lives’ has been realized.”

Will MSM apologize?


h/t Daily Beast