AOC Apparently Wouldn’t Have A Problem With A President Who Smokes Weed

Hannah Bleau

I’m rolling my eyes so hard right now.

I know there’s a ton of debate among conservatives on marijuana– should we legalize it across the board?

Listen. It’s not a topic I’m passionate about either way– just so everyone knows. Both sides have valid arguments. Personally? I’ve never seen weed improve anyone’s life. I’ve seen too many people try to run away from their problems and go to weed as an answer.

It’s not a good answer.

TMZ caught up with AOC, and she seemed happy that her party is becoming more open to legalizing weed. At one point, the reporter dude asked AOC if she’d have a problem with a president admitting that he or she smokes weed, and she said she wouldn’t care.

Um…I care. I don’t want a high president. I want my president to be FULLY FREAKING IN TUNE WITH HIS SENSES and aware of what’s going in. I also don’t think you can quite compare it to alcohol, because there are TONS of people who casually drink without getting drunk. Many people enjoy the occasionally drink because they actually love the taste of their beer or cider or whatever. I’m pretty sure people who regularly smoke weed do it to get that high, whereas TONS of people drink without getting drunk. But no– I don’t want a drunk president, and I don’t want a high president either. I’m not a fan of any substance that alters your mind. I want to be in FULL CONTROL at all times, and I expect the Commander-in-Chief to be responsible enough to do the same.

h/t TMZ