Alyssa Milano Calls For Gun Control Over School Lockdown Photo… Seems To Miss A Crucial Detail

Ashley (Kimber)

Let me make one thing clear. I too find this story devastating. Children should not live in fear, and my heart hurts for this little girl.

I hate that we live in times like these.

I ALSO hate that we live in times where people use fear for political gain.

CUE: Alyssa Milano.

So QUESTION… will “stricter gun laws” stop BOMB THREATS, Alyssa?

Because THAT is what this lockdown was about. A BOMB THREAT.

Again… YES. This is heartbreaking. But blaming it on the NRA (That’s what Alyssa’s #NoRA tag is all about) is flat-out irresponsible.

We have a violence and mental health problem in this country. We have a safety problem in this country. Pinning it on the back of law-abiding gun owners does nothing but further divide us instead of help find solutions TOGETHER.

But who cares when there’s an agenda to push, right?